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 Post subject: If you be and live in the the US of A?
Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2007 2:07 pm 
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To everyone in EVERY state, and this means EVERYONE, and not just everyone ELSE, but you!

If you are NOT living IN the us of A, and are a "citizen" of ANOTHER country, only than should you NOT be concerned with the following!

But if you LIVE and reside in the us of A, than the following directly concerns YOUR TEAM!
Unless you don't want "YOUR TEAM" to WIN?

If you think you are not going to have YOUR freeways truned into "TOLL ROADS," also, you better really "get" the following, as it is COMING to your state, also!
You better do something, besides, sitting around, and STAND up against the giving away of the US of A!

If you DON"T love your neighbors as you do yourself, than do you have the LOVE OF GOD!

Some of the persons that find out about the Trans American Corridors, say . . . 'It doesn't bother them, that is another state,' OR 'they don't drive,' BUT the freeways into TOLL ROADS, are going to COST you, even if you don't drive, the PRICE of delivering PRODUCE to you will go UP, and that will EFFECT you also!


Dear Indy Texans and Friends:

You heard the good news that the Texas House passed a 2 year moratorium on the Corridor. This is a major victory. And, you must know that the House (and soon the Senate) is still trying to have their cake and eat it too. For now, they have exempted the N. Texas freeway-to-tollway conversations out of the moratorium, like the DFW area SH 121 -- the "most lucrative toll road in the country". And the Senate bill that may hit the floor at any moment, attempts to exempt out N. Texas, El Paso and Bexar County.

You see, they want just a little less corruption! And, really more to the point, they want to stop the urban, suburban and rural unified anti-corruption uprising to stop Perry from selling off public infrastructure to the lowest bidders.

So, what do we do? Raise some cain (defined in the dictionary as a "disturbance") in the DFW area. How? By bringing together some of our key leaders: David Stall of CorridorWatch.org and Dr. Pat Choate, from Washington, aka "Mr. Infrastructure", one of the world's leading experts on roads. They will address the Dallas County Commission meeting next Tuesday -- set up by our friend in the fight against this double-tax corruption, County Commissioner, Ken Mayfield. Below are the details. Please come and bring some folks with you. County Commissioners and city councilpersons from throughout the region are being invited too. You should call your local officials and invite them -- regardless of their position -- they can learn something at this important meeting!:

Tuesday, April 17, 9 a.m. (followed by a press conference at 11:30 a.m., just outside)
David Stall and Dr. Pat Choate address the Dallas County Commission
Dallas County Administrative Building (the old Texas Book Repository, from which JFK was assassinated)
411 Elm, Dallas

This Sunday at 6 pm we will hold a statewide conference call to discuss this event, the status of the moratorium bills, some bad bills coming out of the Elections Committee in the House and finalizing our endorsements on the DFW area city council and mayoral race.

If you intend to join the call, please send me a note at ljcurtis@indytexans.org and I will send you the conference call number.

Austin Independents are meeting NEXT Wednesday at 6:30 pm. Check our calendar here for details.

Independently yours,

Linda Curtis
Independent Texans
P. O. Box 14294
Austin, TX 78761
817-921-2417 DFW
512-535-0989 Austin
512-657-2089 cell

. . ."And they that belong to Christ's HAVE crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts." Gal 5:24 "Who-so-ever sins belongs to the devil. . . " 1Jn.3:8 So do you really BELONG to Christ?

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