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 Post subject: If you sow debt you will reap debt!
Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 7:16 pm 
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"If they sow corruption they will reap corruption!"
AND . . . If they sow debt they will reap d _ _ t ! (hint e b !)

Most say, "you're being to negative, always talking about negative situations' and never the good!" Bahhhhhhh!

They called the OT prophets . . . the "doomer and gloomers, also!" What do you thing they called Noah? Mr. Good News?

Well sometimes the FACTS, just can't be swallowed by the "good fairies" from out in "lala land!"

Far form the "good fairies" minds. . . comes:
“The Hidden Costs of the Iraq War” is a congressional report recently released. It states that the economic costs to the US of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are already around $1.7 trillion. For the average U.S. family of four that is more than $20,000."

Praise my GOD, I'm not a 'average U.S. family of four! Who owes more than $5000 / person!

PSSSST. . .The "nation deficit" is NOT $380 billion per year!
IT IS closer to 1 TRILLION per year, in debt and interest alone, never mind, just "trade!"

Can't pay that OFF with all the property, labor (income) and holdings of the entire US!

Bye Bye . . . ms, USA! It's for-closer time!

Got Amerios!

[Two articles]


Sent: Friday, March 7, 2008 12:24:51 AM
Subject: International experts foresee collapse of U.S. economy
Link to actual article-
http://www.intelligencer.ca/ArticleDisp ... ?e=918803+
International experts foresee collapse of U.S. economy! (rut row!)
Posted By Hielema, Bert
Posted 8 days ago
And you thought that I had a gloomy outlook on the economy. Now the bad news pops up everywhere.

Harry Koza in the Globe and Mail quotes Bernard Connelly, the global strategist at Banque AIG in London, who claims that the likelihood of a Great Depression is growing by the day.

Martin Wolf, celebrated columnist of the U.K.-based Financial Times, cites Dr. Nouriel Roubini of the New York University's Stern School of Business, who, in 12 steps, outlines how the losses of the American financial system will grow to more than $1 trillion - that's one million times $1 million. That amount is equal to all the assets of all American banks.

Every day now, thousands of people all over the U.S. and Great Britain are walking away from their homes - simply mailing their house keys to the banks - as housing bailout plans fail.

With unemployment growing, the next phase will hit commercial real estate making the financial institutions the unwilling owners not only of quickly depreciating houses, but also of empty strip malls and even larger shopping centers.

The next domino to fall will be credit card defaults, and after that... who knows? There are so many exotic funds out there, with trillions of dollars in paper - or rather computer-screen money - all carrying assorted acronyms, and all about to disintegrate into nothingness. Over the next couple of years, scores of banks that have thrived on these devices, based on quickly disappearing equities, will fail.

The most frightening forecast so far comes from the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin (GEAB), available for 200 euros - about $300 - for 16 issues annually. Its prediction is quite specific.

Where my warnings never spelled out an exact date, this think tank has it pegged precisely. Here are its very words:
"The end of the third quarter of 2008 (thus late September, a mere seven months from now) will be marked by a new tipping point in the unfolding of the global systemic crisis.

"At that time indeed, the cumulated impact of the various sequences of the crisis will reach its maximum strength and affect decisively the very heart of the systems concerned, on the front line of which (is) the United States, epicentre of the current crisis.

"In the United States, this new tipping point will translate into - get this - a collapse of the real economy, (the) final socio-economic stage of the serial bursting of the housing and financial bubbles and of the pursuance of the U.S. dollar fall. The collapse of U.S. real economy means the virtual freeze of the American economic machinery: private and public bankruptcies in large numbers, companies and public services closing down."

The report goes on to say that we are entering a period for which there is no historic precedent. Any comparisons with previous situations in our modern economy are invalid.

We are not experiencing a "remake" of the 1929 crisis nor a repetition of the 1970s oil crises or 1987 stock market crisis.
What we will have, instead, is truly a global momentous threat - a true turning point affecting the entire planet and questioning the very foundations of the international system upon which the world was organized in the last decades.

The report emphasizes that it is, first and foremost, in the United States where this historic happening is taking an unprecedented shape (the authors call it "Very Great U.S. Depression").[I'don't see anything "great" about a depression, except turning souls to the

It continues to predict that, although this crucial event is global, it will be the beginning of an economic 'decoupling' between the U.S. and the rest of the world. However, non 'decoupled' economies will be dragged down the U.S. negative spiral.

Concerning stock markets, the GEAB anticipates that international stocks would plummet by 40 to 80 per cent depending where in the world they are located, all affected in the course of the year 2008 by the collapse of the real economy in the U.S. by the end of summer.

The European authors of this report - it appears simultaneously in French, German and English - state that they simply and without prejudice try to describe in advance the consequences of the ominous trends at play in this 21st-century world, and to share these with their readers, so that they can take the proper means to protect themselves from the most negative effects.

So there you have it. Three reports from three different sources, all well regarded, and all pointing to a disastrous fall-out from our monetary moves.

This and earlier columns can be seen at hielema.ca. Comments to hielema@allstream.net.


US Economy or World Economy

American Economic Collapse Not Far Away According to chief economists, the American economy is so close to collapse its getting scary. Here are presented 25 Reasons Why the US Economy Will Collapse and 10 ways to slow or halt its occurrence.

The Coming Economic Collapse The reason why America has such large trade and current deficits is because of the expansion of its money supply, without the corresponding expansion of its productive capacity to produce the wealth to sustain the increase in money in circulation. The lack of domestic savings to provide the investment capital into new manufacturing capacity is also a contributing factor. The cost of maintaining a large military establishment and the decline in the social fabric of society are also significant contributing factors, both of which consume resources that should be invested in the manufacturing sector for a nation to remain internationally competitive.

Hard Times Gazette | Make a Million off the coming economic collapse This is a sales pitch for a book, but there are some interesting articles on the page.

Currency Chaos and Financial Collapse - Part 1 & Part 2:To understand the world financial situation is to understand the difference between reality and illusions of reality. It is to understand that the basis of all financial failures is the inability to pay debt. Debt is repaid from income or profits. When income or profits are insufficient to repay debts, default occurs. Occasionally, new debts are provided to repay old debts, but this will only increase total debts and future losses.

DollarCollapse FAQs governments are fundamentally incapable of maintaining the value of their currencies. Every leader, whether king, president or prime minister, serves at the pleasure of two powerful constituencies: Taxpayers irate about what they currently pay and violently opposed to paying more, and recipients of government help who demand vastly greater levels of spending on everything from defense, to roads, to old age pensions. Alienate either group, and the result can be an abrupt career change.

FTW Economic Alert: Global Economic Collapse Imminent, Pension Fund Disaster; Stocks, Dollar To Free Fall, Gold To Skyrocket by Michael C. Ruppert: The last time FTW issued an emergency economic bulletin to its subscribers was Sept. 9. At that time a derivatives investment bubble on the verge of implosion, a 900-point drop in the Dow Jones average and a pending liquidity crisis signaled a crash on the order of 1929. Only the attacks of Sept. 11 and massive intervention from the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve prevented the collapse. Investors blamed the ensuing market losses on the attacks.

Economic Collapse Being "Set Up" I have been telling Americans for the past 14 years what is coming, but few will listen because Americans are too afraid of the truth. They don't want to know what's just over the horizon. They want their material comforts and fun times. A recent article was published that must be read by everyone (PDF file). Carolyn Lochhead has laid it out in frightening detail - all the numbers of what is going to happen in four short years when the baby boomers retire - 77 million of them. The numbers in Ms. Lochhead's article are accurate. There is no money in the U.S. Treasury to fund those numbers . The borrowing by Congress to fund their immoral and unconstitutional wars, UN dues, 18% of the IMFs budget, billions in corporate welfare, trillions in foreign "aid," all these social welfare programs and basic government functions continues to rack up debt at a rate of $1.69 BILLION dollars a day from an empty treasury. Quite a trick.

Grandfather Economic Report This is probably the single scariest site on the Web. Created and maintained by Michael Hodges, a retired businessman who’s justifiably worried about the world he’ll leave to his grandkids, this site takes visitors step-by-step through the horror show that is the modern American economy. Hodges shows how government has been growing and consumer debt accumulating, as well as how we’ve been failing on other fronts like education. A couple of hours here is the perfect primer.

Financial Sense Online San Diego money manager Jim Puplava has built an online empire around his conception of the “perfect financial storm.” His take is that unfavorable trends in demographics, globalization and debt accumulation will combine to cause a hyperinflation followed by a deflationary crash. His Storm Watch chronicles would be reason enough to visit, but Puplava has managed to attract a constellation of first-rate contributors who provide a non-stop stream of insight.

Bird flu poll reveals US economic collapse likely in the event of ... There's a new poll about bird flu in the United States that gives us a somewhat alarming look at what might happen to the U.S. economy if the bird flu becomes infectious to humans. The Harvard School of Public Health conducted a telephone survey of 1,043 adults with a series of "what if" questions. The results of this poll show that 60 percent of the citizens in the United States are concerned about bird flu, indicating that there is very high awareness.

BELLACIAO - Collapse of US Economy Imminent - notepad - Collective ... Bank Of America and Compass Bank managers (probably all other U.S. banks too) have been instructing their employees in the last few weeks on how to respond to customer demands in the event of a collapse of the U.S. economy - specifically telling the employees that only agents from the Department Of Homeland Security will have authority to decide what belongings customers may have from their safe deposit boxes - and that precious metals and other valuables will not be released to U.S. citizens. The bank employees have been strictly prohibited from revealing the banks’ new "guidelines" to anyone. (however, employees have been talking to friends and family)...

USA's Future Economic Collapse In 1929, the debt ratio in relation to the Gross National Product stood at a healthy 16%. In 1990, the national debt increased to an alarming 60% of the GNP. The total debt of America is greater than the combined external debts of all the nations of the world. America's debt is 4.3 trillion dollars which is equivalent to a 270 mile high stack of tightly bound $1000 bills. Each mile representing the depth of the pit America will be unable to crawl out of...

the crash and fall of USA's economy, visions of economic collapse It doesn't get much weirder than this. Somebody please explain the concept of "spell check" and proper use of capitalization, grammar, sentence structure, etc. to this "prophet." They might (maybe) come across a bit more legitimate, then. Probably not.

Collapse in 2005? The official US myth is that the recession of 2000-2001 ended in November 2001 and "recovery“ has been underway ever since. The reality is not so positive. Using record low interest rates, the Fed has lured American families into debt at record rates, creating what might be called a „virtual recovery,“ financed by record amounts of new consumer debt. There has never been a recovery before in which debt levels increase, rather the opposite.

The economic collapse of America is coming The world will continue to go on, just as it did when Babylon fell, and when Rome fell, and when the sun set upon the British Empire. The economic collapse of America is not the end of the world, nor the end of America. America will still exist, but in a much less free form. Just as the economic collapse of the Weimar Republic paved the way for Hitler's rise in Germany, America's financial decline will lead to a more totalitarian regime.

World Economy

Currency Chaos and Financial Collapse - Part 1 & Currency Chaos and Financial Collapse - Part 2 To understand the world financial situation is to understand the difference between reality and illusions of reality. It is to understand that the basis of all financial failures is the inability to pay debt. Debt is repaid from income or profits. When income or profits are insufficient to repay debts, default occurs. Occasionally, new debts are provided to repay old debts, but this will only increase total debts and future losses...

World wide economic collapse Our first response must be, to try to understand the dimension of the global economic collapse that is presently driving the world towards war. Historically, the causes for war have always been economic in nature, no matter what the official reasons were, including all the wars of the last century. The present war drive is no exception, and the dangers for war is acute since the financial structures that the world's imperial forces require are disintegrating. The present war drive is largely motivated to provide a cover to restage the global system to the advantage of certain interests...

FuturePundit- Economic Collapse Avoidable During An Influenza Pandemic Sherry Cooper and Donald Coxe of Canadian brokerage BMO Nesbitt Burns paint a very bleak economic picture should a dangerous flu such as the H5N1 avian flu develop into a deadly human pandemic strain. They warn investors the economic fallout out of a pandemic would inflict pain across sectors and around the globe. Airlines would be grounded, transport of goods would cease, the tourism and hospitality sectors would evaporate and the impact on exports would be devastating, Cooper wrote.

The Risk of Collapse of the World's Economies This is one of the more contentious risks to continuing our prosperous first-world standard of living. The two most often used problems in economics relate to Fiat Currencies and Derivatives and surprise, surprise both relate to the continued value of the US Dollar and its place at the pinnacle of world currency markets. To give you a quick example all the worlds oil is bought and paid for in US Dollars. It is estimated that if this were to change the US Dollar would fall by about 40 percent.

The Coming Economic Collapse. The world has experienced some of the greatest shift of wealth in recent history, from the Anglo-Saxon nations who have dominated the global economy for the last 200 years, to Asia and Continental Europe. This shift in wealth will shortly result in the economic collapse of the Anglo-Saxon nations – their money will become worthless, and their economies will disintegrate into anarchy and poverty.

PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™. As surely as debt is perpetually multiplied in proportion to a circulation, every central banking system suffers a maximum possible lifespan, defined by a moment when the periodic costs of servicing debt exceed the circulation.

World Wide Economic Collapse World "experts" in money markets like Cliyde Prestowitz, Warren Buffet and George Soros are betting on a major crash of the dollar in the near future. Prestowitz thinks it will be greater than the Great Depression of the 1930s. With trade deficits over 650 billion this year (more last year) we have placed our future in the hands of non-Americans. Our deficit is financed by the central banks of countries like China and Japan. In fact all the world banks are chock-full of US dollars, much more than they want or need for trade.

. . ."And they that belong to Christ's HAVE crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts." Gal 5:24 "Who-so-ever sins belongs to the devil. . . " 1Jn.3:8 So do you really BELONG to Christ?

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