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 Post subject: Trying to "bail out" DUH Titanic with a spoon?
Posted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 12:23 pm 
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"Fair Use" information and instruction and warning only!
"Not for prophet!"
"Freely received, (copied and pasted from a "open" site,) and freely given!


"If" them there people, who are CALLED by MY NAME TURN FROM THEIR WICKED ways and . . . . "

First things FIRST!

NO "INTEREST!" says the WORDS of GOD!
DUH d-evil ones kids, who are getting a "dividend" say. . . "AHHH its all right, you won't go to hell, for just a little sin!"

When DUH bansters became god, and DUH "people" started paying their god ITS "tithes and offerings," than they, DUH gangster bankers, bought up DUH whole world, via "INTEREST," and 10 times DUH loan values, and "taxes" on the so-called "freeborn" ( delusional ) slaves!

You know, those who have MORE "INTEREST" in the "things of the world' than what the WORDS of CREATION warn NOT to do!
You know the ones who think they are SMARTER than GOD!

The "sow and reap ACT" came before the "Fed Deserve Act," and that can't be stopped by the worldly pretend-a-christians, who can no more "bail out" anything, than trying to "BAIL OUT" the Titanic, in its present location, with a spoon!

60 MILLION DEAD BABIES is a "NO return" on yo bad credit, situation!

That's a FACT!

With HWBu$h in complete CON-troll of ALL DUH elections, since 1986, and ALL DUH banks thru the Federal Deserve a Banking System!
Pack the bags, or go DOWN with the ship!

Buy Buy Ms. AmeriKan Pie!
I drove my suburu to DUH bank
but DUH bank was DRY!

ALL GONE! Over-Done! HOPELESS, and homeless, all those who "allowed the baby killing" became "slaves" to DUH New Whirled Odor! That's what "dead babies" smell like!

And if anyone "thinks" any different, they need a "Frontal Lobotomy reversal," with the WORDS of GOD!
Talking TOTAL SUBMERSION ONLY! Not in water either, as only DUH WORLDLY want to just "wash DUH outside of the vessel!" (That pertains also, to ALL those who know BETTER than GOD!) You know, them who don't need to know what the WORDS of GOD DEMANDS," and makes their own "thinking" above the "MOST HIGH!"


$5 Trillion Cash Pool Needed to Stop Rout,
Ohmae Says

Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's $700 billion plan to buy devalued assets from financial companies is ``a joke'' because it doesn't go far enough to calm markets, said Kenichi Ohmae, president of Business Breakthrough Inc.

Ohmae, nicknamed ``Mr. Strategy'' during his 23 years as a McKinsey & Co. partner, called for a $5 trillion ``international facility'' to be made available to financial institutions. The system could be modeled on one used by Sweden during its banking crisis in the early 1990s, he said.

``This is a liquidity crisis,'' Ohmae said at an investor forum hosted by CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, the regional broking arm of Credit Agricole SA, in Hong Kong yesterday. ``The liquidity has to be so big that people won't get panicky.''

Paulson's proposal to remove hard-to-sell assets clogging the financial system marks the broadest intervention since at least the Great Depression. Asian stocks fell today, following U.S. shares lower as investors questioned whether the effort is enough to prevent a recession.

The plan came after the collapse of 158-year-old Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and the government takeover of insurer American International Group Inc. caused financial markets to seize up last week. The calamity was the culmination of a year during which the U.S. housing market slump left banks and securities firms with more than $520 billion of asset writedowns and credit losses.

Yesterday, Paulson and lawmakers narrowed their differences on the plan and agreed that the U.S. should get equity in participating companies.

Hard to Coordinate

Ohmae, 65, is the author of management books including ``The Mind of The Strategist,'' ``The Borderless World'' and ``The End of the Nation State.'' Business Breakthrough, founded in 1998, provides online management training.

One way of funding the $5 trillion facility would be through contributions from foreign exchange reserves in China, Japan, Taiwan, the Gulf states, the European Union and Russia, Ohmae said.

An international relief effort on that scale might be difficult to coordinate, said Robert Howe, founder of Hong Kong- based hedge fund manager Geomatrix (HK) Ltd., which oversees $32 million. ``I doubt the practicality of getting international cooperation on something like this,'' he said.

Ohmae compared the current financial crisis with Japan's 15- year economic decline that began in 1989. Both started with a property bubble, which wiped out companies' equity when it burst, and like in Japan, the current one could lead to escalating bankruptcies as banks worried about their own survival rein in lending, he said.

[censored word] Economy

The financial-market upheaval may lead to slower growth in China and the reversal of the commodity boom as ship orders are canceled and steel supply dumped, said Ohmae. What Ohmae called Japan's ``[censored word again]'' economy and Australia's ``dig and deliver'' boom may also fizzle as China weakens, he said.

Against the backdrop of a potential global market panic, Paulson's plan is insufficient, said Ohmae. Paulson is a former chief executive of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the world's biggest securities firm.

``He wants to fix problems one by one as if he were still the chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs,'' he said. ``He has to take his CEO hat completely off and come up with a systemic solution as opposed to a one-by-one solution.''

To contact the reporter on this story: Bei Hu in Hong Kong at bhu5@bloomberg.net http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid= ... DIq9yO0vzY

. . ."And they that belong to Christ's HAVE crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts." Gal 5:24 "Who-so-ever sins belongs to the devil. . . " 1Jn.3:8 So do you really BELONG to Christ?

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