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 Post subject: The WORLD Bank completes it's takeover!
Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2008 5:50 pm 
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FACT: The "Echelon" Program finished in 2000, which brought you the reality of the B.E.A.S.T. which can, without "human" intervention take complete control of all buying and selling on this planet!

The B.E.A.S.T. is a connection of 3 [total of 3 square miles of SUPER compute(S), located in Brussels, North England and Ant Air Force Base / Cheyenne Mt. Colo. locals] that HAS been simultaneously, reading and categorizing every buy and sell on the entire planet, that is 1. Hooked into any internet server anywhere
2. Hooked into any "hardwired phone service" in the world!

In other words, the B.E.A.S.T can track and trace anything bought or sold in the entire world, (except barter and cash exchanges in flea or farmers markets, garage sales, or "private" personal transactions, and these will STOP SOON! Well alot sooner that "MOST" expect "private trade" will cease!)

The next FACT: of the "FARCE of FARCES, fleecing the fools" was and still is the ongoing "bailout' scam of the "underworld" World Banking system, as their second in command is the Federal Reserve Banking System, or better know as the "WORLD BANK" (United Nations charter) crashed the entire uncontrolled private sectors "smaller banking" minions, worldwide last week, and the worldly snored thru the entire or-deal!

And WORLD BANK, did it with the mostly "extortion" money paid in to IMF with ANY and all "tax funds" (taxpayers) world wide!

In other words, believe it or not, [FACT: the "taxpayers (mostly). . . and drug addicts " are the ones who "PAID for THEIR own "overthrow," worldwide, because "THEY" did not live by Ezra 7: 24! The "simple things of the WORD, confound the "wise" in their own eyes!"

Another FACT: the wicked, who don't live by the WORDS of CREATION, do not want to face, because they believe they are "smarter" than the WORDS of GOD! that they rather follow the 501 3cers and tell-U-advised telepromped talking heads into the pit, because they rather live by "their" thinking rather the the MIND of CHRIST!

LAST week and the rest of this month, was and is "FINAL FIXED Fall by the Fantastic FED" for the "private banking system," into the One World Bank, thru "their" Bank of America / UBI /Citicorp etc control, for the complete overthrow of the entire world's "private"monetary system!
DUH "ducks" are all in a row!

It was HWBu$H who oversaw the de-regulation of the "DEBT credit" banking system during so-called Regan's pretend-a-presidency, which allowed the entire world dummy/ banks to buying into "DEBT credit FRAUD" worldwide!
Which was the "private" worldwide banking system's complete demise!
The little fishies banks got the debt bait and the hook at the same time!
DUH double double minded buying "DEDT!"
IGNOR-ANTS to DUH first degree!

Do you BUY debt?

Did "your" bank loan out 10 times the amount that they loaned you, on just the "promise that you would pay them back?
And than did they go and SELL the "debt" promiseses to pay out others 10 times those promises, for even more "debt" promises to pay?
That was ILLEGAL until HWBus$h got it DE-regulated!

And that is a FACT if you believe it or NOT!

And then DUH so-called "media" mental midgets blames the little borrower for the collapse of the system! If that wasn't so ultra-sad, it would be funny!

Than FACT:
US Treasury Secretary Paulson's numbero uno VICE-president still at Goldman Sacks, is handing the 700 BILLION bogus bailout, which will go directly into buying all the "little" fishy banks that haven't come into their lowerwading end of their "gene pool," until all that grand giving "grant money" form the 401Ks, and other "general dipping funds," (SSFund,) gets handed out to the other Biggy Banks, who "pretended" their folding last 5 weeks, so they can consolidate the whole mas mess they created!

Again that is just what those get who trusted man and man's system of financing RATHER than GOD's highways of prosperity, as theiir souls were pospering, by LIVING the whole WORD!

FACT: The controlled demolition of the biddy baby banks was because, there are too few who "elected" to follow the WORDS of CHRIST, OT and NT, so they, the pretend-a-followers didn't FOLLOW the WORDS, and will receive the natural outcome they "deserve!"

The "chip in the right hand, embedded in "their" hand or just a smart card, and a invisible tattooed "barcode" on their forehead, so they can Go Shopping, with the B.E.A.S.T.?



Europe stuns with €1.5 trillion bank rescue, as France plays role of saviour

Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland and Austria have joined forces to launch the greatest bank bail-out in history, offering over €1.5 trillion in guarantees and fresh capital in a "shock and awe" blitz to halt the credit panic.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comm ... rd/3191459

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Last Updated: 10:22AM BST 14 Oct 2008

The move – unveiled simultaneously in the six states to maximise the show of unity – throws the full weight of the eurozone behind global efforts to stem the crisis.

The move gave a tremendous boost to bourses across Europe, lifting the Euro Stoxx index by 9.53pc in the biggest one-day rally ever.

The pan-European plan – totalling over $2 trillion, or £1.17 trillion – completes the third leg of a dramatic restructuring of finance across the Western world. Sovereign states have now absorbed the brunt of the credit risk in half the global economy.

"The greatest risk is inertia," said French President Nicolas Sarkozy, now basking in glory as the man who refused to give up after the first emergency summit of EU leaders ended in discord.

"The French state will not let a single bank fail. We have to unblock the interbank market because money has stopped circulating, but it is a reasonable bet that by offering this guarantee, it won't actually be needed," he said, unveiling a French package worth €320bn in guarantees for fresh interbank loans and a €40bn bank rescue fund. [More than likely the "bailout money from duh US of a!]

Sarkozy has emerged as the statesman of the hour, shaping events as others dithered. He appears to have understood intuitively that credit paralysis would set off a dangerous downward spiral.

Germany's rescue package totals €500bn, far bigger in per capita terms than America's scheme. The bulk is to guarantee interbank lending, while €100bn is for a stabilisation fund to recapitalise banks and cover losses – with strict pay limits for executives.

"We have placed the first foundation stone of a new financial order," said chancellor Angela Merkel, underlining that nothing would ever be the same again in banking. [Brainyack biddy Bu$h met with Merkel over the weekend]

She also warned that the US government's "massive support" for the Detroit car industry would create a major headache for Germany's producers, who are already struggling. BMW said yesterday that it would idle plants in Leipzig, Regensburg and Munich as demand fell.

Italy's finance minister Giulio Tremonti said Rome would provide as much money "as necessary" to stabilise credit markets. Italy's plan includes the injection of up to €40bn in fresh capital into the banks on a "case by case" basis, through preference shares.

The Netherlands is offering a €200bn guarantee; Austria is putting up €100bn, as is Spain – as a "preventive measure". Debts issued before the end of next year will be guaranteed for five years under all the national plans.

Diplomats say the world owes a great deal to France's finance minister, Christine Lagarde. A former chair of the US law firm Baker McKenzie and a friend of US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, she has been a bridge between the EU and Washington, helping to end the transatlantic sniping that has damaged market confidence over the past year. The close co-operation is in stark contrast to the catastrophic rift in October 1931, when France set off a wave of US bank defaults by pulling its gold out of New York.

The Sarkozy accord was not enough to shield Société Générale yesterday, as reports circulated that it might be the first to tap into the French bank rescue fund, perhaps needing as much as €10bn. The share price collapsed 17pc at one point on fears of losses in its structured credit unit. Investors are concerned that it may suffer from exposure to Eastern Europe, where it has played a role in providing foreign currency mortgages. The shares ended down 2pc in Paris.

This week's dramatic action by the eurozone states has gone a long way to reassure investors that EMU can weather a severe crisis, even though it lacks an EU treasury or fully fledged lender-of-last resort. The EU Stability Pact rules on budget deficits have been shunted aside by invoking the "special circumstances" clause of the Maastricht treaty, opening the way for fiscal stimulus. The Dutch-Belgian rescue of Fortis and the French-Belgian rescue of Dexia were not without friction, but at the end of the day the system was able to come up with creative solutions.

IMF chair Dominique Strauss-Kahn said the monetary union had faced its "ordeal by fire" this week. With French leadership, it survived.

. . ."And they that belong to Christ's HAVE crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts." Gal 5:24 "Who-so-ever sins belongs to the devil. . . " 1Jn.3:8 So do you really BELONG to Christ?

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