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Posted: Fri Jan 28, 2005 8:37 pm 
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I had done this research a while ago. I just found it recently. As I tried to count the similarities I got to 29.

1-Persecuted at birth by Pharaoh (Exodus 1:22)/Persecuted at birth by King Herod (Matthew 2:16)
2-Early years in Egypt (Ex. 1-2)/Early years in Egypt (Matt. 2:14)
3-Rejected at first by his people (Ex. 2:14) /Rejected at first by his people(John 1:11)
4-Prophet (Deuteronomy 34:10)/Prophet (Luke 1:76 + above)
5-Mediator (Exodus 32:32,33)/Mediator (I Timothy 2:5)
6-Lawgiver (Numbers 21:18)/Lawgiver (James 4:12 This verse states Lord as the lawgiver)
7-Teacher (Deut. 4:5)/Teacher (Matthew 22:16)
8-Leader (Ex. 3:15)/Leader (Luke 6:46)
9-Confirmed God’s doctrines with miracles (i.e. Exodus 4:2)/Confirmed God’s doctrines with miracles (i.e. Matthew 9:1-8)
10-Miraculously protected until the end of his ministry (Deut. 34:5-7)/Miraculously protected until the end of his ministry (John 18:5-9)
11-Confronted demonic powers (i.e. Exodus 7:10-13)/Confronted demonic powers (i.e. Mark 5:9)
12-70 rulers over Israel (Ex. 24)/70 disciples to preach in Israel (Luke 10)
13-Sent 12 spies to Canaan (Deut. 1:23)/Sent 12 apostles to teach the nations (Mark 16:14-18 and Acts 9)
14-Never sick (Deut. 34:7)/Never sick (Exodus 12:5 since the lamb represents Jesus) the NT has no recorded sickness on Jesus
15-Fasted 40 nights/days straight (Deut. 9:9)/Fasted 40 nights/days straight (Matthew 4:2)
16-Transfigurated on Sinai (Ex. 34:29)/Transfigurated on the mount (Matthew 17:2, also see II Corinthians 3)
17-Has authority over the waters, although it is God who worked the miracle. Parted the Red Sea (Ex. 14:21)/Likewise has authority over waters since he calmed the sea of Galilee (Luke 8:24)
18-Ordained the Feast of First fruit on 17th day of the first month (Leviticus 23:9-14) [I think they also crossed the Red Sea on the same day of the first month]
(http://homeschoolunitstudies.com/Acrobat/bhff.pdf from <a href='http://biblicalholidays.com/firstfruits.htm)/17th' target='_blank'>http://biblicalholidays.com/firstfruits.htm)/17th</a> day of the first month Jesus rose again [John 19:14 mentions the crucifixion was at Passover, which was the fourteenth day of the first month, see Exodus 12:2,6. 14+ 3 (Mark 8:31)=17]
19-Delivered his people from physical bondage (Deut. 5:6 but notice it says LORD) /Delivered his people from spiritual bondage, sin (John 3:15) [spiritual bondage, meaning under the power of Satan. And no doubt Satan rules the world today. True Christians are in this world but not of this world]
Raised his arms resulting the conquest against Amalek (Ex. 17:11)

[Note that Amalek was the son of Edom 36:12. The other name of Edom is Esau Genesis 36:1]/Raised his arms on the cross resulting victory over sin (Luke 23:34 says, Father forgive them for they know not what they do)
[Note that king Herod was from the land of Edom. The other name of Edom is Esau Genesis 36:1. It is said that Herod was the descendant of Esau through Amalek, whom God had ordered Israel to destroy them 1Samuel 15:18]
20-Lifted brazen serpent to heal the physically sick miraculously (Num. 21:9)/Healed many sick (Matthew 8:16), and was himself lifted up on the cross to heal the spiritually sick (Romans 5:8) also John 3:14-15
His generation died in the wilderness within 40 years (Num. 14:22-24)/His generation was dispersed 40 years after his crucifixion, in c.70 AD (concerning sacrifices Hebrews 10:1,2)
21-Died on a hill (Deut. 32:50)/Died on a hill: Calvary (Luke 23:33)
He knew his time of death (Deut. 32:51)/He knew his time of death(Mark 8:31, 9:31, 10:33, 34)
22-His body cannot be found (Deut. 34:6)/His body cannot be found (Mark 16:19)
23-Started the Passover (Ex. 12)(http://biblicalholidays.com/Passover/me ... ssover.htm)/Became the Passover (John 1:29), which fulfilled Exodus 12 to the letter…
24-Foretold of a coming Prophet [written ahead of Jesus time](Deut. 18:15-18)/Foretold of the Comforter, the Holy Spirit which reminded his disciples what Jesus taught years before (John 14:25-26) to teach and write them down for future generations. [It was recorded after the event] (Mohammed didn't teach the disciples. It was the Holy Ghost)
25-Ordained the Feast of Harvest on the 50th day (Leviticus 23:15-22) [It is also taught that on the same day they presented themselves at mount Sinai]
(For a more detailed explanation of this parallel see <a href='http://biblicalholidays.com/Pentecost/Messiah-in-Pentecost.htm)/Sent' target='_blank'>http://biblicalholidays.com/Pentecost/Mess...ecost.htm)/Sent</a> the Holy Ghost to the church [church, ecclesia means called out of the world (Acts 2)] writing his law in their hearts instead of stones.
26-When he came down from mount Sinai, 3000 died because they sinned (Exodus 32:28)/As a result the apostles preached and 3000 were converted, saved (Acts 2:41)
27-When Moses came down mount Sinai the children of Israel worshipped the golden calf made by the high priest Aaron (Exodus 32:19)./ When Jesus came down (first coming) entering the temple he saw the merchants collecting money by selling sacrifices at an expensive rate. This was run by the high priest Annas and his family (Matthew 21:12).
28-Moses destroyed the golden calf (Exodus 32:20). / Jesus overthrew the money tables (John 2:13-22) Thus he expresses his zeal on the right occasion.
29-He broke the tablets as a sign that Israel broke the law (Exodus 32:19). / Jesus, who is the law made flesh was sacrificed. One of his adversaries was Annas the high priest and his son-in-law Caiaphas, who was head of the Sanhedrin. The Sanhedrin set stage of his death.
God was furious over Aaron that he was about to kill him (Deuteronomy 9:20)./ Jesus said to Caiaphas (who was the practicing high priest) Matthew 26:64 (at the Judgement) Jesus saith unto him, Thou hast said: nevertheless I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.
Moses went up the mount a second time to receive a second set of tablets and as intercessor for them who repented (Exodus 32:32)./Jesus ascended to heaven as intercessor for converts to be spared from God’s wrath (Romans 8:34).
The second time Moses came down Mount Sinai and this time his face was shining with God’s glory that Israel was afraid to look at him (Exodus 34:30)./Jesus is coming a second time with God’s glory (Matthew 24:30) and the whole world will flee from him (Revelation 20:11).

Now the contrast between Moses and Jesus are several things. Although they were both from God and do not contradict each other, Moses framing a new born (also firstborn) national son of God offered the law by which the civilian expressed respect unto God, the government and his neighbor. But since the nation lowered its standard throughout the centuries, to be equal among other nations and therefore authorities refused God. Jesus however came to raise a standard, an elect from all nations committed to the work of God to influence their governments in a living way. This elect will one day be in one Messianic eternal kingdom.
· Therefore one contrast is the ministry of death and condemnation vs the ministry of life and blessing (2 Corinthians 3)
The law kills. Everyone is guilty because we've sinned in one point or another and have come short of his glory. No one can be saved by the law. This is the reason that the Son of God came to purge our consciences from our guilt by shedding his holy blood. That we may attain to the glory once bestowed upon us in the Garden of Eden. The Holy Spirit bearing witness of these things gives us life everlasting if we accept the Gospel.

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Posted: Mon Feb 28, 2005 9:07 pm 
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very cool

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